Project Building

Tutorials are great, but building projects is the best way to learn. Members learn through pair programming, group projects, career coach gaidance, and project reviews. The most exciting part is that members gain experience and skills researching, designing and building projects in a team.

Become a STEM Coder

Learning on the job

Whether partcipating in a hackathon or Project Sprint, the exposure and experience would help one level up in many ways. No matter one's level of skills: this is an opportunity to gain skills in leadership, team work, communication and strengthen technical skills. It would be hard not to feel accomplished when working on a project that matters!

Testimonials by Campus Space Application Team 2020

Our Projects

By students for students

1 : Campus Space
launching app

Virtual Launching event of Campus Space Application

2020/2021 session
A web application for students to access and download educational materials for courses in Ahmadu Bello University. The aim of the platform is to make course materials readily available and easily accessible by all students on campus.
Team members: Imran Abdulmalik, Sheriffdeen Yusuf, Hafsah El-Yakubu, Mahdi Abuhuraira, Sadis Rabiu Muhammad, and Abdulsamad Muideen Teniola.
2. Student Accomodation Solution
Project Sprint 1.0
2021/2022 session
A platform for students to conveniently find rental apartments near campus, and for tenants to advertise.
Team members: Abubakar Abdulhafiz Adeiza, Olusegun Princess Kemi, Alimi Muideen, Abdulqadir Bagudu, Munir Lawal
3. Foodify
Project Sprint 1.0
2021/2022 session
A platform for students to order food from selected eateries and have delivery.
Team members: Oladipo Munirat Mopelola, Sufyan Abdulaziz, Jafaru Idris, Bashir Nuhu, Yusuf Abdulhadi, Maryam Sulieman Aliyu.

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Project Sprint 1.0 (2022)
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